Thursday, 13 May 2010

Welcome to the Milkshakers Blog!

My name is James, frontman for 1950’s rock ‘n roll band The Milkshakers. As a card carrying 1950’s music and Americana obsessive, I have decided to bring you a blog dedicated to a time when boys were boys, gals were gals and parents were getting nervous. On these pages I will be cooking you up lots of tasty morsels of 1950’s style, a side order of saucy rock n roll tales, lashings of American history and politics plus an ice cold glass of fizzy social context to wash it all down with. And finally, for your dessert you'll be treated to a generous dollop of The Milkshakers (all snappy suits, poofy skirts and rollicking rock 'n roll) with pics, videos and stories from our performances across the UK. And hell, if all that doesn't satisfy you, you can send it back to the kitchen...


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